Juni 2017: Activity Report and Plans for 2017/18

This is is the second stage or step of CM children after graduating from secondary school education going forward to complete their college education then they would be self reliance and able to compete in the job market well prepared and having the college certificate.
Am impressed to report that so far CM has no drop outs or students performing poorly ,this is because of the vigorous camp talks,school visits and the adequate materials and support given to the students during their life span at school,thanks so much to our esteemed and respected sponsors.
The on going further education students are a great lot especially a very big congratulations to the girls,out of the sixteen students,we have nine girls competing the boys and taking an impressive lead.
Looking at the past years of CM work,we all pride ourselves for the work and job that CM has accomplished over the years making the Kenya community have qualified teachers, Engineers,social workers,secretaries,bankers,pharmacists,human resource person and now we have two to study law.This is a great work and our sincere appreciations.
This year Jared will complete in July,he is taking his final Kenya National Examinations now and this week he is on his final teaching practice with assessors from the ministry of education in Nairobi who will give them the final grade and yesterday he gave an impressive grade in his handling of Mathematics lesson in grade seven,he is a great mathematician and he will get a teaching job very soon because of his speciality in mathematics and science subjects.
The best thought for me in life,was CM supporting students for further education because the best you can do and give these vulnerable segments of a population is letting them out of your fingers when they can fly and get their own food,am always humbled,touched and prayerfully appreciative.
Finally,my sincere thanks to CM-Germany and the sponsoring team.

This dream project is on and for sure creating a space,chance and touching the lives of the poor children in this area.
At the moment,there are 123 children and in baby class,middle class and final class.They are being handled by five teachers with the two students who have been selected to study education giving hand especially in mathematics and science activities,so it has been fantastic.
The hall is almost done now,we already talked with the authority and they said that the allegations were false the land belongs to CM.
The next thing is to make a good play ground with out door play swings and ladders.
So far so good as this buildings of the nursery school gave us just enough space for the camps and we plan a small seminar in August after the elections of the university students before September and we have one of the university directors who has accepted to talk to the students on living safe in the campus.

This is a program that is very dear to my heart and the support with clothes has been so helpful,they are so grateful with the reading glasses and many feel sincerely loved.The last parcel had excellent male shirts so the men felt very excited because the shirts were very unique.
So far,I have been able to do 310 old recycled mattresses which I have given to old people and many poor children who have all the time slept on sacks ,very sad and the mattresses have been donated by schools.

The group has received a certificate of appreciation in the region for being the best managed women group because of the unity and management.
There was a micro fund that they started with a donation of Kenya 500 and it is fantastic to see how the fund has been able to grow and so far they have now 150,000 and they are still doing table banking.

This was a project thought about when I walked through some villages and saw the suffering that people had and it was so sad especially for children and women who had to fetch water from the road sides or just get stranded a whole day.
So far two boreholes have been done and the results are just great because provision of safe drinking water is a matter of death and life as it reduces to a great degree the water related diseases.
The target population just grew because they needed water and so far women are able to get water and for the school going girls,now it is easy for them and they can attend school and people can wash themselves too.
There was agreement that the boreholes MUST be self- sustaining and they are I charge of making sure that it works and since they needed this water,they are holding it as very important and am glad that the community guards the water place and they take care of any wastes.
It has significant value.

If funds are available we can:
- have some more bore holes
I plan to plant trees in the two plots that were bought by CM one near Rabuor and another one near Muhoroni.
That can be done next year in April during the long rains but the preparation of the land will start this year,I have the title deeds.

Margaret Atieno Osogo

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